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Terra - full body by queenofeagles

Welcome to TerrApocalypse, an interactive group revolving around an alternate universe future Earth!

Do you love art, and do you love MMORPG or RPG games? Then this group is perfect for you. Read here how to get started!

1) Own a Terian. Obtain one here: Terians up for sale. There are set price, auction, OTA, and DTA Terians!

2) Choose a career (class) for your Terian! Find all the careers here: Terian Career System

3) Create a Reference Sheet for your Terian and upload it in the Reference Sheet Folder.

4) [WIP] Start leveling by doing [Quests], and earn more abilities and items on the way.

5) [WIP] Train your Professions and Skills to help you in your Quests.

6) [WIP] Obtain Mounts and Companions in the Stables for fun, or to help you with traveling!

7) [WIP] Build your own house in one of the locations, to store your companions, mounts, and items, and help in expanding the cities!

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WINNERS! - Contest: Design a Species!

Thu Jun 22, 2017, 4:07 AM

Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

Warning: This journal is HUGE!

It is finally here, the journal that many had been waiting for; the Contest Winners! And I must start off with the following message: these choices were the hardest I've made in a while, because all of you were so friggin amazing! I was, and still am, SO overwhelmed by the amount of entries, and by how creative they all are. I added a lot of prizes in the end; instead of having only a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize for both categories, I added a second "shared" third prize, AND I added a total of 9 extra smaller prizes on top of that. That's a total of 17 winners... 

And even then it was difficult. If there's one thing I honestly don't like about holding contests, it's disappointing people. If I could give a prize to all of you, I would, but I don't have the money or time for that. Also, with every contest I'm learning how to improve them; I learned that for the next contest, I'm going to create a 'visual guide' with information about my world, its setting, its current flora and fauna, just to help people see the setting and what's already there. I bet that will help people a lot! I also bet that it will provide even more entries fitting to my world xD I also learned that I actually find the concept of 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes to be really silly in the case of designing contests... I had the hardest time deciding out of all the winners who would get 1st, who 2nd, 3rd, extra prizes, so for the next contest I'm probably going to provide only similar prizes, a certain money prize that's the same for every winner. I couldn't change that for the current contest, changing the prizes would be stupid, for some people were attracted because of the higher 1st and 2nd prizes, and I do understand that!

Now, on to the judgement! Copy-pasting something I wrote in the update yesterday:

  • It was difficult for me to provide 'judging-rules' for winning entries, because the winning entries are those that I feel fit the best in my world. And since only I know that world best, it is difficult giving any specific guidelines, which is why I made the contest's categories so broad, allowing for a lot of creativity. And man am I overwhelmed by that creativity! You are all absolutely wonderful <3 So, I will say it again; winning entries are those that fit best in my story and are based on creativity and design, and NOT on 'art quality'. In this contest, I don't care if you're a professional artist, or a beginner! I don't care if something is digitally made or traditional! All counts equally <3
  • If you want to know why your entry didn't win, or why one entry got a 'higher' prize than yours, please drop me a note! Yet once again, remember that it was a difficult decision how to rank the winners within the prize ranking system... which is why I'm getting rid of 1st/2nd/3rd/other prizes during the next contest and stick with the same prizes for everyone! As for now, all I can say is that the choices are mainly on how well the creature fits with my world, or basically how much of an impact it made for me. It was also dependent on how much information people provided me; those who had extra information on their creatures went up the ladder a little bit, but it was still dependent mainly on how much I thought the character to fit for the world. 
  • Am I crazy for having so many winning entries? Maybe a bit, but mainly NAH, because I can't wait to have all these species roam my world and fill up the place <3 

So now let's get started with the winners! I'll start with the Woodland winners, then the City winners, and then there will be the extra winners where both categories are mixed. Last of all, I'll feature all entries below the journal <3


The First Place
of $25/2500Points OR 3-months DA membership + $10/1000Points goes to GrowLegends with their Flunox!
Flunox-Woodland creature,contest entry by GrowLegends
During this whole contest I was honestly impressed by GrowLegends' creativity and the research they had done on my story. Knowing that war has infiltrated the lands of my story with radioactive material, GrowLegends created this species that is able to absorb radioactive rests from the forest and use it as an energy resource. I fell in love with these creatures when I read their information, on how they live and sustain themselves, and just love the creativity that went in it. The Flunox species will come in really handy in my story, especially in areas in the forest where the old unused nuclear power plants are! I'll need to work out how exactly to make them work, radioactive-wise, but I'm sure I'll find a solution!

The Second Place of $15/1500Points OR 3-months DA membership goes to IAmABananaOo with their Golden Wardens!
Draconic Birds - Golden Wardens by IAmABananaOo
Next to this entry looking like it came straight from a creature bestiary book (which I'll definitely need to make for my story), IAmABananaOo made me realise I still needed a predator in my woodlands world! Filling the woodlands with only rodents and plant eaters wouldn't work; we need some more meat eaters as well! I love these creature's camouflage from below and their snakey (sneaky) armour, and even more do I love their ability to 'breath fire', or rather 'spit acid on their foes'. I bet a species like this is the closest you can get to a dragon... I couldn't resist!

The Third Places of $10/1000Points OR 1-month DA membership + $5/500Points go to both DancesWithDreams with their Leaf-backed Hog Beetle and Tessith with their Perfumed Minkal!
Leaf-backed hog beetle by DancesWithDreams
My world just screamed for some more insects, and I've always loved the concept of having giant insects, like how we had giant dragonflies in the past. DancesWithDreams made that come to life! The idea of a beetle that could actually be tamed and used as a 'beast of burden' for the woodland folks really attracted me, plus I think their design is really beautiful. I can really imagine these insects being tamed and used in the woodland towns, they will come in super handy!

Creature Design: Perfumed Minkal by Tessith
It's a cute friggin' rodent! And it can be either wild or domestic as a pet, AND it's supposed to smell super nice. I loved reading all the information about these creatures, and love how creative Tessith made them, regarding their many uses of their scent. I can already imagine the Minkals also being used as 'exotic pets' in the cities, being used by ladies at parties to impress and smell good...


The First Place of $25/2500Points OR 3-months DA membership + $10/1000Points goes to Aristall with their Amulet Spiders! 
Creature Design - Amulet Spiders by Aristall
I used to have a giant fear of spiders, yet spiders are such a common sight in cities and woodlands alike... And to have a spider that is ACTUALLY also Jewellery? I had to shiver at the thought, however these specific jewellery amulet spiders are so pretty, I would definitely wear one myself. It's especially the tiny ones that attract me, since they have such a high 'collectable' value and can come in many shapes and designs. I think these creatures are absolutely gorgeous, and are really creative of Aristall, and I'll find many uses for them!

The Second Place of $15/1500Points OR 3-months DA membership goes to ScienceWithSteve with their Glow Spiders!
Glow Spider - contest entry by ScienceWithSteve
It seems like it's Spider Season in my world, because here we go with another spider creature! I think ScienceWithSteve did an amazing job in designing them, and what I love most about them is that they are SUCH a tone setter for the city. They could be seen as a pest (them also being poisonous), yet everyone knows spiders are much needed creatures and you cannot get rid of them... But have you ever seen a pest making such pretty light effects in the evening or night? The added artwork of the little city-view really did it for me, and made me think this was just what my city needed <3 I think they are quite romantic! I start to sound like a spider lover.

The Third Places of $10/1000Points OR 1-month DA membership + $5/500Points go to both spdy4 with their Lanturn Mimic and queenofeagles with their Wheelibies!
City Creature Contest -Lanturn Mimic- by spdy4
It seems like I'm a sucker for night-city views, really! The creatures that spdy4 created are another amazing tone-setter for the city's night atmosphere. I love the idea of these double-tailed, lantern mimicking creatures, and love how they
catch their food and bring extra light to the city. I loved these from the moment I saw them, and knew they were going to be a great addition to the city! <3

Contest entry - Wheeliby by queenofeagles 
I laughed... queenofeagles never fails to make me laugh. I snorted and snickered and rofled away, because DAMN, this must have been one of the craziest ideas out there, and I love it xD At first I thought it would be WAY too weird for my world, but I now do see their charm, and I just imagine them to be a bunch of once circus-animals that have escaped and multiplied in the city, just like how some tame dolphins released with wild ones taught their tricks to the wild ones. These creatures are already so incorporated in my head, I cannot delete them from my cityview anymore :') So there you go, Wheelibies it is, with their crazy Arjatributes!

That's right, it doesn't stop here! I included extra prizes, because damn, I just couldn't do without. I wish I could offer more for them, I initially wanted them all higher, but I just can't afford that :') So, here we go!

The Extra Places of $5/500Points OR 1-month DA membership go to all of the following entries:

GrowLegends with Cambrian Glowworms
Cambrian Glowworms-Forest entry by GrowLegends
If the city can have glowing spiders and lantern-creatures, then the forest can have glowing bugs! Honestly, my world was in need of some smaller creatures, and these will just do the trick. They also reproduce by splitting themselves in half, so that's pretty neat and sustainable!

KiraElusia with Buralu
Contest: Design a Species - Buralu by KiraElusiaContest: Design a Species - Buralu 2 by KiraElusia
What stole my heart was the idea of bringing these creatures to a party, and people being able to snack directly from their back xD I think it's super cool to have an ant/insect-eater creature combine with plants, these will be so popular in the forest towns!

Serenyan with Elaflos
Elaflos by Serenyan
These stole my heart as well, because when I was small I always thought a deer's horns were made of wood. The idea of their horns actually sprouting flowers and little plants is lovely and I bet these walking gardens will be highly popular
among the forest citizens!

zenikat with Featherduster Owls
Contest design 2: Featherduster Owl by zenikat
I just cannot unsee these creatures! From when I saw them, I could already imagine them clinging on the trees with their four claws, cleaning away xD Imagine them being tamable and being used as cleaning pets!

OpalPeony with Steamsphinx
Steamsphinx contest entry by OpalPeony
When I saw this entry, I immediately had to think of the old Furby hype of ~20 years ago. How awesome is it to have a mechanical pet for the kids to play with? <3

GrowLegends with Agricon
Secondary entry-City by GrowLegends
I fell in love with the idea of the 'hanging gardens of Babylon', or rather the 'flying gardens of Babylon', because it's a genius idea to have gardens in a vertical way, due to space issues. The idea quickly escalated to have the gardens on zeppelins instead, and to have an irrigation system that runs vertically as well, the upper agricon producing excess rainfall that then lands on the agricon below, etc xD So inspirational!

AurouraSilver with Cores
Cores: Creature Contest Entry by AurouraSilver
This was another idea that I thought was genius! A trashcan that turns trash into energy <3 If anything, I needed a good solution in my world for the garbage problem, and here is one that will at least partially work! I'll need to fidget with the idea a bit, and mix my crystal-knowledge with some magic, but I'm sure I'll find a way to make it work <3

SmollAnger with Cogsprites
Species contest entry - Cogsprites - City by SmollAnger
I loved the idea of these oil-eating creatures, and if I ever had to place a creepy creature in the sewage system of the city, it would be these xD I can also just imagine them sneaking around in the night, stealing oil and food from people's houses. 

and the last extra prize goes to pacificmaelstrom with the idea of flying/floating whales. 
There is nothing I can show you guys, because we had this conversation in notes. The idea started with floating whales that can be used for transport, escalated to flying killer whales, and to whale-boat systems. I just like the idea so much, and I'm definitely going to make use of it in one way or another, so I just wanted to include you in the list as well!


I would also like to show all the other entries here, in non-specific order. Again, you guys are all amazing!
PineBear contest entry by OpalPeony  SPECIES: Sun-Chested Poshi by S-k-y-F-r-e-e  Cindrek: Woodland: CONTEST by DoodleRooChu  fantasy bear by alexism77  Woodland Creature [CE] by hannxm  Paru-Rakyon by nirvana0048  Rodent by ShadowGateStudio  Eastern Tiger contest entry by xXDruidcatXx  Contest Entry- Chinde by Horace-Bulregard  Limbelt: The Forest Hunter (Contest Entry) by Logan-Morpheus  Verunixan- For contest by dragonnekocat  Rocine- Woodland creature by GalacticShitastic  Utinky (woodland contest entry) by AluncarVoln  Fallow fox by BeckyKidus  Shroomen by Pen-Witch  Selly's (Closed Species) by The-Tabletop-Tiger  Eqois by Aohitsuki  Contest design 1: Lacus Deer by zenikat  Fairydale by MiaRogi  Redbelly Jack by Lmih  Umdura species by SEVMD  Forest Creature Contest -Moon Duke Owl- by spdy4  18342270 1352416704828215 358362726847608002 N by story  Contest entry- Foupine by Artstotallyforlosers  Beyors (Contest Entry) by AuroratheIceWing  Contest - Gecko Trickyzard by Charlie-Crow  Lupis Harpies Species by VaCrah  Salamander by whimsicalponderer  WOODLAND CREATURES: Cowl by kana-kana  Wanza - Creature by Y-GabyT  Urmag by Polux-McLion  Rigeon by DiamondFusion  Meers Ref Sheet by Amberstorm233  Fantasy Diplodocus by alexism77  Copper Gryphowl by avianAbstraction  Entry for Vixenkiba's contest (City) by complete-total-trash  Souris- For Contest by dragonnekocat  Isri- Species contest by SugarLyon  Asclepius Snakes-Contest entry by GrowLegends  Threst by Elena-chan02  Toxic Terrier (contest submit) by MoonSpiritfoxLotus  Kangashrews(City creature) by FrostedBite  The Night Messengers by hannxm  Draconic Birds - Whipcrack Falcons by IAmABananaOo  Vixenkiba contest entry by tidiestflyer  Puss in Boots by SlytherclawPadawan  The Transmodo Dragon by Euphori-art

All entries that did not win receive 10:points: from me as a participation prize <3
I'm going to send those out as soon as possible! 
All the winners also get an art feature from me, which I'll post later this week!

There will be many contests to come from me, so if you did not win, feel free to enter one in the future!

Once again, all of you did an awesome job and judging this was by far the hardest decision I've had to make in a while. Please don't be angry if you didn't win, because so many entries were SO close to winning. 

As for all the winners, please reply to the featured comment I'm going to post on this journal how you would like to receive your prize; as money, points, DA membership, or any combination. You will be tagged in that comment, so I hope everyone will receive it!

Everyone, thank you so much for participating. I had a blast!

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